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Ediget Minch ’Source for Growth’

Name: Ediget Minch ’Source for Growth’SHG 

Location: Arba Minch, Southern Ethiopia

Date of Establishment: April 27, 2009

Membership:15 male and 1 female members aged 32-47 years old

Household: Our group represents 80 household members including 50 children: 28 boys and 22 girls.

Economic status: Most of the SHG members’ average monthly income is less than £15. 

Ediget Minch SHG members’ initial savings were 12p per week but now we save 15p each per week. In total we have saved £409.  Our group has a social contribution of 4.5p per week that helps us to support one another during times of sorrow or emergency.

Our group’s first loans to members were of £12 each and the largest loan we have made is £90. In total, we have circulated £444 as a loan among the group members since our establishment.

These loans have been used for individual members to start businesses including trading second hand clothes, biscuits, butter and buying fixed assets for businesses. Our group gives special emphasis for social concerns, as we are from the poorest of the poor community. We clean the village to prevent communicable diseases; we share our experience with key community leaders to disseminate knowledge about the Self Help Group approach to the community not yet involved.

Our future plan is to open a kindergarten in our village and charge only a small amount so that we can embrace children that can’t afford to go to other schools.

 What the SHG means to Yage Jembere

 “I am married with two sons and one daughter. Before joining my group I was so poor that I was very much afraid to join my peers. I asked for a loan from different people because I wanted to work and change my family’s life but no one has ever trusted me. It was only because I was poor and they were not sure if I could return the money back. I wanted to find someone that would trust me.

In the mean while, I have heard about the Self Help Group approach. The first thing I observed in the group meeting was people trusting me and my ideas being respected. I loved the group so much and I couldn’t wait for the following week so I could meet them again! They have encouraged me in starting my own business and gave me a loan. I bought a sewing machine and started a tailoring business. I have made good money out of it and expanded my business to selling second hand clothes along with my tailoring. Now, I see people trusting me and respecting me for the difference I have made in my life. This is all because of the Self Help Group approach.”

With your help, we can support the further development of the Self Help Group programme so that more people can work together to use their own resources to feed their families, send their children to school and improve their communities as this group has done