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Rohobot ‘Rehoboth’

Name:Rohobot ‘Rehoboth’ SHG

Location:Arba Minch, Southern Ethiopia

Date of Establishment: April 26 2009

Membership: 14 male members aged 25-45 years old

Household: Our group represents 70 household members including 42 children

Economic status:  Most of the SHG members’ average monthly income is between £15-20

Rohobot SHG members’ initial savings were 7p per week but now we save 33p each per week. In total we have saved £733. 

Our group’s first loans to members were of £6.50p each and the largest loan we have made is £130. In total, we have circulated £1,536 as loans amongst our group members since our establishment.

These loans have been used by individual members to start businesses including trading cereals, petty trading, selling second hand clothes and breeding goats. We also do some group income generating activities and save the profit into our group account. All the members have participated in community sanitation activities and we have shared our experience with other groups. 

Through the Self Help Group approach, we have proved that we can make a difference in our lives through mobilising our own resources. In the future, we want to improve our skills and try to expand the businesses of all members as well as work as a group in the future. We want more people to be embraced by the Self Help Group approach and we will contribute by being a model for them.


 What the SHG means to Amele Mamo

 “I am married with five children. Before joining my group, I used to work as a weaver for a famous landlord. I didn’t have a place to live and all the money I got from my job went to the house rent and food for my family.

In the mean while, I joined my group and I was assigned as book writer for the group. They give me loan and with my first loan I bought a goat, fattened it and sold it in the market. After that goat breeding became my business but I still worked as a weaver for the landlord. With the profit I got from my goat breeding business, I constructed my own house and bought raw materials to start my own weaving business. It was an amazing transformation for my family. I started to make a lot of money with the same skill that I acquired many years back and from my new goat breeding business. My group always encouraged me and their support to got me to where I am now.”


With your help, we can support the further development of the Self Help Group programme so that more people can work together to use their own resources to feed their families, send their children to school and improve their communities as this group has done.