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Tesfa Bezu ‘Lots of Hope!’

Name: Tesfa Bezu ‘Lots of Hope!’,  

Location: Nazret Town, Southern Ethiopia

Date of Establishment: December 13th 2010

Membership: 13 members 11 women and 2 men aged 22-40 years old

Economic status:  We have average monthly household incomes of below £15 which is very low. Most households live on one meal a day all year round with no meat. Only our oldest boy children go beyond primary school while the other children help with household chores and earning income if they can. Our clothing is little more than rags with the addition of occasional second-hand items which we share. Our housing is rented, one room, temporary structures with no furniture. If our children fall sick we cannot provide health care or medicines because nobody will lend us money as we cannot repay.

Tesfa Bezu group members’ initial savings were 7p per week but now we save 17p each per week. In total we have saved £170 between us.   The group has a social contribution of 3p per week that helps us to support one another during times of sorrow or emergency.

The group’s first loans to members were of £1.60 each and the largest loan we have made is £17. In total we have loaned £170 to members since we started.

These loans have been used by individual members to start businesses including brewing, trading butter, making cheese and trading cattle.  As a group we buy cooking oil, pepper and flour in bulk and distribute it to our members.

We plan to encourage all our members to start businesses. As a group we will start a cattle fattening business and support orphans and vulnerable women and children in our town.

 What the SHG means to Amarech Erkan

“I am a widow with 5 family members. I was very poor and I wanted to work but didn’t have the confidence. I had a poor relationship with my neighbours.

Now my economic status is improving. My husband died but I have managed to raise my children on my own.  I have got close friends in my group and it was not like this before. Currently I am selling fruit and vegetables in the market and if it is God’s will I want to expand my business”



With your help, we can support the further development of the Self Help Group programme so that more people can work together to use their own resources to feed their families, send their children to school and improve their communities as this group has done.